Save ALIAS Letter Project

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Welcome to the SAVE ALIAS Project - One for all and all for ALIAS

On November, 23rd of 2005, ABC announced the cancellation of the hit tv-show ALIAS at the end of it's 5th season. This is probably the show with the most supportive and loyal fan base around the world; i also like to think of ALIAS fans like some of the smartest and hard-working people on the planet; seeing that aside from their normal lives, work, school, etc..; they still find the time to think and braistorm about ALIAS and it's amazingly creative plots. For 5 years now this show has been a part of all these fans daily lives, they not also talked for hours about it, but also they shared Special Agent Sydney Bristow's world. We all admired her when she was able to put her hate aside and go back to SD-6 as a double agent for the CIA in order to take down the organization that killed her fiancé, we held our breaths each time her cover almost got blown; we watched in amazement has she met her mother and couldnt believe it when she shot her; no one could stop themselves from laughing when Marshal announced he had sowed a parachute to the lining of his jacket; we "followed" Sydney as she struggled to come to terms with her love for a criminal mother; we watched her relationship with Michael Vaughn grow; we "were there" when Jack Bristow finnally "became" her father; we suffured with Sydney when she came 2 years later to find out her whole world had been ripped appart and we "stood by her" as she unraveled the mysteries behind her missing 2 years; we felt sad for her when she found out her father killed her mother; we "were there" when she met her sister; we were speechless when she found out her mother was alive after all; we cheared and cried of hapinness when Michael finnally asked her to marry him and we were blown out of our minds with famous line"For starters my name isn't really Michael Vaughn."
In so many ways for 5 years this show was part of our lives and like all tv-shows we know it must end some day but in the opinion of almost ever fan that day hasnt come yet, there are so many mysteries left unsolved, and a show like ALIAS deserves the time to solve them in a true ALIAS way and not just half-a-season where everything has to be summed up. ALIAS is more than just a show, for its fans, in someways it works like a cure or an escape from their daily lives and problems, because no matter what went on during the day, through out that hour no one cant think of anything else besides the breath taking plots of ALIAS. For all these reasons and for many many more we have to join together and do something in order to save our show, to make sure it gets the time it needs to end properly and that it gets treated the way it deserves, not just shoved in an impossible time slot barely advertised.
If there is one thing we learned from Sydney is that even though the sittuation seems hopeless we still have to try and fight for what we believe in, all these efforts may not make a difference but at least we will know we tried and gave our best for our favorite show.
So let's "fight" for ALIAS, it wont be easy, its not just about saying i want to help, it's about making this project happen, its about writing letters, advertising and finding new ways to help.
Let's show them what ALIAS fans are all about.

P.S:Please check out the amazing banner that aliasundercover47 made for this cause. A HUGE thank you to her.

What can you do for ALIAS

Ideas from Kea:

-Write and tell Sci-fi thank you for its two greatarticles and standing by the fans. (Also a list ofwhat we as fans would like to see might be good aswell???)
-Write Extra TV again and mention the campaign, aswell as the Alias magazine (I don’t know if they havementioned us in the magazine or not considering Idon’t usually buy it) TV guide and media week as well.I know we are trying to get the word out. Sometimesits better to get it out online then not at all.
-Also a Jay Bobbin from Zap2it had answered an aliasquestion in my TV guide and neglected to talk aboutthe campaign so I would send them another e-mailagain.
-I have an e-mail address from TV pipeline which iszap2it at
Don’t know howeffective it can be. Its more for TV questions.-What about writing to Touchstone TV who I think isthe production company (I think) of Alias?!??! Don'tknow who effective that would be its a thought.
-Also for people who want to send more dead drops onecan always cut off the bottom of a grocery bag andtape it up (Cut it in half 2 times). So you can send 4parts.
-One any envelope you send make sure you write ‘savealias’ or anything on the back to let them know whatits about in case they just toss all the letterswithout reading them.
Alias also has a lot of Product placement (cars,phones and so on) Like Verizon, PS2, Nokia, Minicopper, Hummer and so on.
I have a list of all the commercial products in thelast two eps:Kmart, Ebay, PartyPoker, Jack Daniels, JCpenny’s, Subway, Afrin, Taco Bell, Citi, American Express, Clorox, Black and decker, Lexus, Netflix, Bisselrevlon, Apple for itunes and Ipod, Pizza hut, LLbean, Dawn, Botox cosmetic, Adviair, radioshack, best buy, Mercury, Advil, Visa check card, Sprint, Metlife, AAA, Panasonic, Lunesta and ChevyAcura.

Thank you for all you ideas Kea, you're the best.

2-Letter Mailing Project

What i propose is rallying together and sending ABC letters. Which will have have more impact if a large number fans cooperates. A date has to be scheduled to send the letters, accounting for fans of several parts of the USA and foreign fans, so that the letters arrive on the same day or with just 1 or 2 days of interval, so that we could cause a flood of ALIAS letters. Instead of one a week, cause that way it just slips through the cracks of thousands of letters they receive. The letters should also have like ALIAS wrote in bigger letters in the front so the letters would be recognized among the other letters.Now i ask the fans, who are willing to write a letter to ABC asking to please not cancel ALIAS. Also remember, be carefull while writing the letters, please no "it's her fault he left" or similar things like this, if we want them to listen to us we have to write like adults. The letter must be about the show (how much we love it/what it means to us/how loyal a fan base it has/etc..) and not involve any criticism about the characters/actors. The objective of the letter is for ABC to continue to support ALIAS and hopefully to gain us a few more seasons. It has also been suggested that we send a red wig along with the letter, so if you want and can afford it please do that as well, if you cant afford a wig, please send a paper-bag like from Sydney's dead-drop, or even send both, you can also print and send a copy on your letter of the amazing banner that aliasundercover47 made for this project, here is the link: . Also remember to put ALIAS in the front of the envelope and on top of your letter in big black letters.Thank you.

The sending dates are:

January, 20th- Non-USA countries (meaning all countries, except USA)
January, 24th- USA regions (meaning all states, except California)
January, 28th- California

I think that the difference between the days allows for the letters who come from far away to arrive at the same time.Here is the sending adress :Stephen McPherson; President, ABC Primetime Television.ABC, Inc.500 S. Buena Vista St.Burbank, CA 91521

Write to J.J. and ask him to try and take the show to another network.


J.J. Abrams
Inc.500 S. Buena Vista St.
Building 23, Room 26
Burbank, CA 91521

Write to NBC to encourage them to pick up ALIAS.

NBC Adress:

100 Universal City Plaz
aUniversal City, CA 91608

ABC Contacts:

Stephen McPherson (or Anne Sweeney)
President, ABC [Primetime]
500 S. Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521-4551
Phone #: (818) 460-7477(?) -ABC e-mail

A big thanks to True_ALIAS_Fan..AKA LUIS JR for finding these ABC contacts.

Finnaly some campaign results, Eva Madison wrote to and they just published an article about the campaign, read all about it here: .

Want to make suggestions and talk to other SAVE ALIAS fans please check out the forum at:

3-Are you in high school or college? Make a SAVE ALIAS flier with the blog adress on it and post it on the bulletin board (or whatever you call it, where the fliers usually go).

4-You can also send postcards/letters to J.J. Abrams asking him to try and take the project to another tv station; or other cast members asking them to help us save the show.

Here's the adress for the cast and J.J.:

J.J. Abrams (or any other cast members, just put the name of who you want on top)
ABC, Inc.
500 S. Buena Vista St.
Building 23, Room 26
Burbank, CA 91521

5- You can e-mail or wite to ALIAS official magazine and let them know about our project and how we feel about the news of ABC cancelling ALIAS.

ALIAS Oficial Magazine's e-mail and adress: (Must include name and full postal address)

US address:
Dead Drop, Alias Magazine, Titan Magazine,
PMB#1-296, 8205 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90046-5977
UK Address:Dead Drop, Alias Magazine, Titan Magazine,
144 Southwark Street, London, SE1 0UP

6-You can also send an e-mail to, apparently they post information and links to fan campaigns. Also you can write other tv and writing publications critics, entertainment magazine, newspapers and internet sites. Tell them the fans support ALIAS, that they dont want the show to end so soon and that the fans will folow the show to whichever channel/station it goes too.

Also Newsweek had Alias as a must see a while back. Letters can’t hurt. You can write them at (name, address and a possible phone number must be included)

If you live in Ny (or other citys that have morning shows, like Good Morning America, stand in front of them with SAVE ALIAS signs. Try to get word out by radio as well, shows like KROQ Kevin and Bean Radio.

7-More adresses you can write to, to advertise our campaign (thank you to Kea who got them for us):

Tvguide, you just have to scroll down and fill uo a little box: can be e-mailed at: can be sent general comments to "Please keep e-mails short, concise, and to the point; and make the "Subject:" lines relevant. We will try to answer e-mails in a timely manner, but at times we get overwhelmed and may take longer to respond. Feedback is not handled over the weekends." (which shows Alias as being the top syndicated show of the week again) can be reached by e-mail at : ,I guess you could always tell SCI FI CHANNEL to pick up alias: If you have suggestions or comments for our Programming Department about the SCI FI Channel or any of its shows, please contact: for mediaweek I couldn't find Marc Berman e-mail address. can be reached by (and this took a while to find) again its a pop up box that needs to be filled in. It can be found half way down the page under Want to send Extra a story idea? click on it. and I could not find e-mail addresses but I'm sure they are hiding on that site somewhere.

ABC information but just remember e-mail is good...mailing is better.By the way says thatHow do I contact the ABC Television Network?(818) 460-7477 *Standard connection fees apply. *E-mail at

Ellen DeGeneres has had Alias stars on and well she seems open to anything. (Plus she's a big Lost fan) So here are a few e-mails I guess you could send to her show. You never know. (I could not find an e-mail but I found this)
5750 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Phone: 323-954-2400
Fax: 323-954-2661

West 42nd. St.New York,
NY 10036
Phone: 212-852-5100
Fax: 212-852-5151

One IBM Plaza, Suite 2630
330 North Wabash Ave.
Chicago, IL 60611
Phone: 312-609-3305
Fax: 312-609-0363

Parade Magazine gives you a few to choose from at e-mail at at send via email to send to

KROQ Kevin and Bean Radio found it at: (they did the Season 2 radio interviews.) and at contact at contact at at which is the LA times I think,0,2393841.customform?coll=cl-nav-tv will work. contact at contact at
contact at

Time magazine has done a few articles on Alias/Lost and JJ in the past. You can e-mail them at (must add full address)

People magazine at (must add full address)

Life magazine letters@life.comTV Highlights Team (German) e-mail"Space View" magazine (German) e-mail d.buschky@heel-verlag.deFunkuhr magazine (German) Funkuhr@auv.deContact at to the Magazine's EditorsPlease email or fax at 212-467-1223. All correspondence must include your name, address, and daytime telephone number

Any TV you want to complain about? Any TV you want to be nice about? Either way, please do write to: contact at for Cleveland

8-There is a internet site from where you can make and order your very own ‘Save Alias’ T-shirt and other stuff:

An ALIAS fan frm Alias Undercover made an amazing SAVE ALIAS t-shirt, check it out:

9-Remember all that tv networks care about is ratings, money and their reputations, if we show them a lot of fans support ALIAS and that it will afect them to cancel it they might reconsider their decision.
Money talks. Every Alias fan out there should have Alias on their Christmas lists. If you don't have it yet, buy the videogame.. buy the action figures.. buy the calendar.. buy the DVDs. In other words, if it says Alias, buy the thing. If the merchandise sales go through the roof, it shows overall support for the show. ABC's bottom line is what they care about.
We could consider writing letters to long-time advertisers, or companies that should be (ie: Motorola, since Syd uses a RAZR cell). If advertisers show interest in the show, it increases the likelihood that ABC would be willing to keep it around.

10-There are a lot of sci-fi and Alias conventions going on. If people could print out flyers, make posters and/or wear save Alias T-shirts to these conventions is another great way to get the word out. And of course a Save Alias T-shirt would be helpful to walk in front of any of the morning Talk shows in NY. (Thank you Kea for your suggestions)

Thank you to alias gurl for all her suggestions and coming up with the adresses and e-mails and to Kea for her ideas, for the suggestion of making a website for this cause and for the suggestion of the make your own t-shirt website adress. And to aliasconnection for her help in advertising in her website- . And to aliasismycrack for posting in several boards to help spread the news. Also thank you to aliasundercover47 for all her suggestions and for doing such a great job in advertising this project in and at All these fans from the ABC Boards.

P.S.: Due to some missinterpretations this caused on the other sites where the links have been posted i want to clarify this: the only objective of this project is to make sure ABC continues to support ALIAS and that it treats the show with respect. It has nothing to do with any decisions any of the cast members makes, because the cast has their own lives and if they decide to leave the show the fans will support them in anything they decide to do.